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My name is David Fitzpatrick. I am a native of Dublin, Ireland. Growing up, I had a keen interest in the psychology of animals. My family and I often spent our summers in Wexford in a small farming community south east of Ireland. We had a Basset Hound named Peggy who ruled the roost.

As I got older, my interest in understanding animals grew. When I was 16, I volunteered at Bray National Aquarium doing various and a sundry tasks including cleaning the shark tanks. I also volunteered with Blue Cross, a mobile pet vaccination clinic, assisting with and caring for the animals.

On my first trip to Texas to meet my future wife, Angel, I was introduced to her two dogs – a yellow Lab mix named Portia and a Rottweiler mix named Zeus – and her five cats. My wife volunteered with a Dallas-area rescue group feeding feral cats and assisted with fundraising events for the group. Once married and living in Dallas, I joined Angel in her volunteer efforts and realized that understanding and working with animals was my true passion.

A couple of years after getting married, we moved to a two-acre piece of property affectionately called Madison Place in honor of our orange tabby cat that passed away in 2008. After adopting a total of nine dogs, four cats, and fostering myriad others, we realized we had reached our limit of the number of animals for which we could responsibly care and decided it was time for me to take the next step in fulfilling my passion of working with dogs.

I searched for and found Animal Behavior College and began my pursuit of becoming a certified animal behaviorist. It is my goal to work with dogs deemed “troubled” or “unadoptable” because it is my belief that dogs, like humans, just need someone who will devote a little time to understanding their needs and helping them work through their issues. I like to say that I don’t work with people with dog issues – I work with dogs with people issues.


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